The Story

The story of the Carmel Mission House dates back to 1918, where the Indre Mission fell in love with the plot on the corner of Nørre Allé and Klosterport in the heart of Aarhus. In the next three years they built their mission house - designed by architect L. Egefelt and consisting of four floors, each 400 m2 – and on the 5th of January 1921 the house opened. At this time, the missionhouse's ballroom was the venue in Aarhus that could accommodate most people. The building cost 400,000 DKK, which was 100,000 DKK more than budgeted.

For the next nine years, the dance theater sets up modern performances in the mission house before the local entrepreneur Kenny Jess Brandt on the 1st of January 2017 takes over the premises and begins the establishment of the cultural center Hotel Carmel with the idea of operating a hotel, restaurant and saloon in the unique building. During the year, the chef Søren Højbøg Hansen and the owner of the building, Jørn Tækker, enter the owners circle, and together they open the doors to the new historic Huset Carmel on Friday the 1st of June 2018.

We now leap 85 years into the future. Indre Mission has been thinking about moving out of the city for a long time, and it ends with a sale to Tækker Group in 2006.

Over the next two years, Indre Mission prepares their relocation, and when they inaugurate their new missionary house, Stjernen, in Risskov in 2008, the dancer and choreographer Palle Granhøj moves into the premises and starts Granhøj Dans.

Room Rental

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Send us an email at if you need a place to hold a seminar, conference, birthday, wedding, christmas party or alike. In our ballroom we have room for 200 guests and downstairs can fit100 people.



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